Public Holidays - Kenya
2019 - 2026

Kenyan Public Holidays

The Kenyan Public Holiday dataset provides a list of public holidays (otherwise known as bank holidays) from the year 2019, up until 2026.

The dataset is regularly updated to ensure changes to the public holidays are available whenever new holidays are declared.


The Kenyan Public Holidays dataset has the following fields:

  • COUNTRY (VARCHAR): the name of the country, i.e. Kenya
  • HOLIDAY (VARCHAR): the name of the public holiday
  • DATE (DATE): the public holiday date
  • YEAR (NUMBER(38,0)): the year of the public holiday
  • DAY (VARCHAR): the abbreviated day name, i.e. Mon for Monday, Tue for Tuesday etc.

Some sample data is shown below:

Kenyan Public Holidays

Kenyan Public Holidays

Refresh Details

The dataset is maintained regularly to ensure the dataset provides an exhaustive list of public holidays. Should the government declare a new public holiday, the new date will be included in the Kenyan public holiday dataset within 24 hours.