eThekwini Points Of Interest
The eThekwini Points of Interest datasets includes over 4,000 records that lists: Community Halls, Police Stations, Schools, Libraries, Hospitals, Swimming Pools, and other key service facilities.

eThekwini Points Of Interest

The eThekwini Point of Interest dataset includes the following types of facilities in the South African metropolitan city:

  • Billboard
  • Bus Taxi Rank
  • Cemetery Crematorium
  • Community Hall
  • Community Health Centre
  • Cultural Historical Site
  • DMPS Station
  • Educational Institution
  • Existing Stadium
  • Fire Station
  • Fixed Clinic
  • Hospital
  • Library
  • Mobile Clinic
  • Place Of Worship
  • SAPS Station
  • Shopping Centre
  • Social Welfare Organisation
  • Swimming Pool

Source of Data

The data was sourced from eThekwini’s Open Data site, and cleaned and transformed using WeDoTech’s data warehouse automation platform DataJoinery.

Sample Data

  point_of_interest_type,point_of_interest_name AS police_station,
  latitude latitude_coordinate,
  longitude longitude_coordinate